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Belfast Rusoord

Dear Friend of Belfast Rusoord Home for the aged.

Belfast Rusoord (registration number NPO 001-918) is a registered Old Age Home in Belfast Mpumalanga, providing safety and care for aged people including some whose families are unable or unwilling to contribute for their care.

Situated at Coetzee Street, Belfast Rusoord cares for about 60 aged residents, ranging in age from 60 to 92 years old. 


The Department of Social Development contributes approximately 30% of the running costs of Belfast Rusoord, leaving the remainder of the funding requirements to be raised by way of rental fees, support and donations from the public.

With the help of businesses and individuals, locally, nationally and overseas, Belfast Rusoord has managed since 1984 to make ends meet, but, as with many Public Benefit Organisations, Belfast Rusoord continually operates within a tight budget, and finds it difficult to plan ahead.

Whilst there is a desperate need within the local community (and beyond) to sustain the facilities offered by Belfast Rusoord to care for the aged, the Board and Management remain mindful also of the need to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the current commitments of the home and to its residents.

With this in mind, Belfast Rusoord appeals to you to consider assisting.

Please feel free at any time to arrange a visit to Belfast Rusoord – in fact, we would highly recommend you doing so!

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