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Bella's Guardian Angels Animal Rescue

Bella’s Guardian Angels is a South African NPO that assists homeless and rescued animals through provision of safe shelter environment within an intimate family run setting. This allows for the animals to be free roaming within the boundary of the premises (with the exception being nursing or in-recovery animals) and to receive plenty of one on one care and affection. We help other bigger welfare organizations with cases they cannot accommodate for various reasons however the main issue being the overpopulation and lack of sufficient half-way accommodation for these animals.Our founder, a trained veterinary nurse, provides all-hour basic medical care where possible and needed for the animals. We are currently based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. We are investigating the possibility of a larger premises that will allow expansion to accommodate more animals in need as the requests keep pouring in even as we are bursting at the seams.We are continuously investing in the community in training and awareness of proper animal care and health through talks at local schools and other groups. We also have Therapy days where the aim is not only to find potential homes, although this seem a spontaneous benefit too, but to encourage the socializing of the animals and the community members that attend. It seems from feedback we receive that many times the therapeutic effect for the humans are just as valuable. We specifically have special needs children attending (with parental supervision) and find that it decreases anxiety and encourage sensory processing development.  

Our aim is for us to assist as many animals in need as possible and provide them with a chance at a happy life in a responsible and loving home.”

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