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Help us go to high court Campaign

My name is Berdine Brendell and I am a single mother of 9 year old twin girls from Windhoek in Namibia. My kids have been taken away from me by the father with the help of a local social worker. I have a stable job and always gave my children the best. The father however is a well known Government employee and thus used that influence to take my kids away from me. A court order was set where we have joint custody but physical custody was awarded to him despite him not being there for he last 9 years.he will be taking my children to live about 500km away from me. Ineed to raise funds to secure a good lawyer that can present my case in the high court. I have spoken to a few lawyers and they reckon the best chance would be in high court. I really do not have the funds for this as I have been in an out of court for the last two years and could barely afford a good lawyer. I do not even need the funds should there  perhaps be a good lawyer that sees this and is willing to take my case pro-bono, I would be forever grateful. As a mother, I am torn apart by this and will do anything possible to make this go away. All funds raised will go towards legal expenses. Thank you so much for taking time to read. May God bless you. 


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