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The idea of Berea Gardens came to Richard Mogg, a pharmacist from Cape Town, in 1970 when he made a delivery of some medicines one winter's evening to an elderly couple who were regular customers of his pharmacy in the Quigney.

He was appalled when he saw the flat they were living in - the two cramped rooms were at the back of an old, almost derelict building. 

When the Rent Control Act was abolished landlords were quick to capitalize on the opportunity to increase rents which forced them to move from their old flat to this, the best they could afford on their limited income.

Richards’s initial endeavours were directed toward the provision of better quality but inexpensive accommodation.

As a result of the excellent service offered at hugely discounted rates, the waiting lists are always long and it is not unusual to wait 7 years for a rented bedsit.

The residence is so popular because of a simple precedent set by Richard Mogg in the core of what he hoped to achieve i.e. affordable accommodation… quite simply…rental of the flat was determined by the individuals income…the less the income…the less the rental.


In September 1981 we were finally registered as a Welfare Organisation (NPO 011-242).

Service Centre opened in May 1982 – introducing a plethora of services and activities.

Initially to popularise the Service Centre, free tea and biscuits were served mid-morning, it was an immediate success and this tradition continues today.

The Hetty Bruce dining room services a three course mid-day meal – which can seat in excess of 200 people. The residents pay for a subsidized, extremely nutritious, three course meal at a price also set on a sliding scale (just like the rental accomodation), it is dependent on the pensioners declaration of income.

The Foundation subsidize midday meals by as much as 43% for social pensioners. Many of the members eat the main meal at lunch time and then take the soup and bread home for supper.

The Service Center dining room is currently subsidizing +-119 hot, nutritionally balanced meals daily.

We do receive funding from Social Development for 100 beneficiaries @ R200.00 per member per month but our actual, average number of daily attendance is 180.

In 1982 our rate was R78.25 per beneficiary, in 2006 -2007 it increased to R90.00 per beneficiary & finally in 2007 to R200.00 per beneficiary, we have had no increase since.

Crucial social services are struggling to keep their doors open due to disparities in the allocation of budgets by provinces & funding cuts from the department of Social Development.

I have just had bad news that the future does not look bright with the continued funding of the 100 beneficiaries and that we must brace ourselves for further cuts, this is a devastating blow.

Our Vision

Safe, secure, joyful and dignified environment for the elderly

Our Mission

To care for retired, senior and aged persons by the provision of accommodation, assisted living, medical services, health care, frail care, recreational facilities, daily meals and other services.

Our Values

Compassion, Integrity, Service, Commitment, Faith, Love

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