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BeyondCOVID Logo


BeyondCOVID is a public interest initiative that aims to helps businesses survive and succeed in the COVID-19 pandemic.

BeyondCOVID is pulling together industry resources and sponsors to support businesses in need.

Save a business. Save a job. Save a family.


Donations to date

R 2 525.15

Fundraising target

R 1 000 000.00

Donor Messages

Let’s do our bit to help local businesses
This is a great initiative
I hope this small contribution will encourage others to also join in to save jobs and families. Thank you for such an awesome initiative
Riya Ramowtar

Great initiative! Every little bit helps.


Lighting one candle at a time!

Teresa Naidoo

What an amazing initiative! It can change the lives of so many whose lives have been thrown off course. Thank you for creating a platform for positive change.

Neville Naidoo
All the best, still we rise
In support of those that are in need during the pandemic
Vanitha Naran
What a great initiative!