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My fiancé, Marius Burger is in desperate need of dental surgery. He has not had proper dental care for the logest time due to financial circumstances and always putting others needs before himself.

We have received word from the specialist that he has not only abscess formations but a jaw bone infection. 

We have accumulated money to cover dentures as none of his teeth can be salvaged. 
He needs your help to pay the specialist oral surgeon in order to do the extraction and repair the damage to his jaw bone. 

I'm afraid if this is left untreated for any longer then the repercussions might be grave.

Please if you can spare a penny or two to this cause it will be highly appreciated. 

If Marius can have this surgery done and get his dentures he can finally eat normal again. Due to the long period of neglect he cannot chew biltong, eat a juicy piece of steak. He has even stopped doing singing gigs due to his self-confidence hitting rock bottom. If you know Marius you are aware of how important music is to him. 

Please help my person, the greatest most supportive husband-to-be get this surgery. 

Lots of love

The Burgers

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R 31 859.00

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R 13 190.00

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