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K.A.J Girls is not yet a renowned campaign, but it is a campaign focused in helping girls who lack and can't fend for themselves nor get help.We put our focus in helping girls in schools, orphanages and the homeless ones.The beneficiary "Tshomarelo J Mooketsi " who's 11 years of age and live in Meriting,is my younger sister.It is important to raise funds because we want to help our girls with clothes,uniforms and sanitary towels.Should we be able to raise funds we can prevent school dropouts and depression that'll lead to suicide.Funds raised will help buy uniforms for school kids, clothes, food and sanitary towels for our girls, not only that, but we can also help our girls who have completed their matric and wants to further their studies to apply and register to any high institutions of their choices.It will help better and strengthen our economy and secure our girl's future,hence we try to reach out and ask for help to extend an olive branch to help our girls in need.Your help will be highly appreciated as it will help better lives and save as many girl's future as possible.Apart we can be teared but united we can conquer as there's no US without you.It's not only money that you can hand out, but you can also hand out your clothes and shoes that you feel like you no longer need or you feel like they're no longer of use to you and your family.

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R 100 000.00

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