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Danielles 21st Birthday Dream Campaign Logo

Danielles 21st Birthday Dream Campaign

Let's unite to make Danielle's 21st birthday truly remarkable! She nurtures a heartfelt desire to journey across Europe, immersing herself in the beauty of its cities. 

Despite months of diligent saving, her birthday dream remains just beyond her grasp. This is where your generosity comes into play. Your support will empower us to bridge the gap, enabling Danielle to explore the astounding cultures Europe has to offer. 

Beginning her adventure in the Netherlands, where I, Bianca, her cousin warmly awaits, she'll traverse several nations, forging unforgettable memories and will be used to support her during her stay in Europe.

Your contributions, no matter their size, will play a pivotal role in shaping this transformative journey. 

Thank you for making a difference and helping a Birthdaydream come true!


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Donations to date

R 3 320.00

Donor Messages

Hope you have a wonderful trip. God Bless you always...beijinhos
Shaun Ackerman
Happy 21st Birthday Daniella, Your planned trip sounds amazing. Enjoy and have I hope that your dream comes true. Lots of love
Nicole Ackerman
Happy travels!! The best education you could ask for.
Sike!!! Hahahaha :D Just kiddin! Can I have my R20 back though?
May your dreams come true Dani. Hope this R20 gets you on your way. Much Love. LuluPulu
May your birthday dream come true! Enjoy the journey of a lifetime! Love Monz 💕
🐝 Bee 🐝
Happy Birthday, dear cousin! May you not only achieve your current goal but also continue to conquer heights in your future endeavors. Keep dreaming big and reaching for the stars! Love you lots!

Activity feed

Lily donated R 300 via Daniellas 21st Birthday Dream
18 Sep 2023 R 300
Shaun Ackerman donated R 500 via Daniellas 21st Birthday Dream
06 Sep 2023 R 500
Nicole Ackerman donated R 1 000 via Daniellas 21st Birthday Dream
05 Sep 2023 R 1 000
Luandre donated R 500 via Daniellas 21st Birthday Dream
02 Sep 2023 R 500
Luandre donated R 20 via Daniellas 21st Birthday Dream
02 Sep 2023 R 20