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Bio Moss Conservation is a non-profit orgation, which is focused on the preservation and restoration os the earths biosphere and its inhabitants. The organization stands as a model to raise the standard and awareness of eco-friendliness in rural and urban settlements of South Africa.

Bio Moss Represents the practice of protecting the natural environment on individual and governmental terms. Bio Moss needs funds to implement its responsibilities which will benefit the natural environment and its inhabitants. Bio Moss is a long term project which a country like South Afria needs.

I am the founder of the organization and together with partners, have initiated small campaigns in our local community but we are struggling to implement our true mission. The organization was initiated to piuoneer a multifaceted approach which aims to provide sustainable job opportunities and small business enterprises, promote skills development and imorove environment security. The model intergrates a number of components that deliver both short term benefits as well as long term impacts to sustain the initiative past duration.

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