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My cousin, Blanché Nortjé, has Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent), since she was 14. We want to raise funds for a medical alert dog to alert Blanche when her blood glucose levels are low, or too high.

Honey's Garden Medical Alert Dogs in Cape Town requires R50 000 per dog, all inclusive. A deposit of R10 000 forms part of this amount. Furthermore, they require Blanche to attend a two-week workshop in Cape Town where she would be trained in how to handle her dog. Since Blanche lives in Roodepoort, Gauteng, she will need flight tickets, accommodation and transport to attend the workshop. Anything additional to the R50 000 will be used for this purpose. If more funds are raised, it would go towards the purchasing of quality dog food and veterinary services if and when required. 

Blanche is a high school teacher with a passion for changing lives. She has such a caring heart, always giving to others. This time we want to give her something in return!


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