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Our class caters for children who have a wide range of special needs. They are mostly functioning on a basic developmental level, thus the learning activities consist of core concepts and pre-requisite skills, as well as basic activities for daily living.

We use Individual Educational Developmental Programmes (IEDP's) to ensure that each child's learning is specific to their level of development and meets their needs adequately.

We encourage and cultivate independence, and focus on building children up, nurturing a healthy self-esteem. Additionally, we use music and movement in our daily routines, as a medium for learning the daily topics of weather, days of the week etc.

We place special emphasis on the acquisition of appropriate social skills needed to engage in our world. Makaton Sign language is used to aid speech development.

This gentle, caring class environment is designed to nourish the hearts, minds and bodies of each child and staff member.

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