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Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation

Boikanyo The Dion Herson Foundation

Boikanyo, the Dion Herson Foundation works with families living in informal settlements and the deep rural areas of SA. We have 3 main programs on which we focus our efforts: 

1.    Chair’ished Children, an initiative aimed at bringing specialised wheelchairs (buggies) to the deepest, most rural areas of the country for children who are born severely disabled as a result of cerebral palsy. 
2.    Human Touch is a program that focuses on advocacy work in and around the areas we operate in. Human Rights and Dignity are rights everyone living in SA has, but most of the people we assist are unaware that life can be easier and kinder for them. We advocate for them and go to Chapter 9 Organisations who are more than willing to help, as well as to government departments where we insist on help.  
3.    More than Paws, an initiative we have adopted since the lockdown. Many lost loved ones through covid19. Children lost caregivers, and food became even more scarce. The abuse was rife. Anger was everywhere. Children started bringing in puppies and kittens and asking for help with them. We realised that some children only felt and understood love through their pets. Similarly, elderly people became dependent on their pets to feel safe and loved. So we began sponsoring Gideon’s Animal Outreach which arrives monthly to immunise, dip and take sick animals to the vet. 

We are a registered charitable trust and a Public Benefit Organisation. 


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Wish I could do more for you
M Polatinsky
Wonderful work
M Polatinsky
Wonderful work
Ronit Sarakinsky
Marilyn you are a shining light and a soul in a million

Thank you

Jessica Sherman
Great work!
Simon Marcus
Thank you for this remarkable effort.
Glynis Keet
Thank you for doing this
The Jackman Family
Stay strong and brave doing the awesome work you do <3