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Hi there,  My name is Bonita Eygelaar, I am married to Coen (Coenraad Frederik Johannes) Eygelaar.  On Tuesday, 19 September 2023 my husband was involved in a car accident whilst on duty.  He was on his way back to the office from a client in Pretoria travelling on the R21 highway towards Boksburg when the left back tyre on the bakkie blew forcing it over all 4 lanes of the highway and into the barrier between both sides of the highway.  On impact of the barrier, the bakkie (vehicle) then went airborne rolling 3 times before coming to a standstill on its drivers side.  Coen was flung from the bakkie.  He broke his back at T11 and T12, his L4, broke all his ribs in 2 places each on the right, his right knee got injured due to the force of the accident, all his muscles in his back showed major trauma and injury.  He has had to under go an emergency back operation on 8 December 2023, as the MRI and CT scans showed abnormalities and deformities and narrowing of the spine.  He was sent home just before Christmas and on 31 December he was readmitted for infection and we have no idea when he will be coming home.  

Coen is the bread winner in the house, today his boss sent me a voice note on Whatsapp (22/01/2024) without warning, that his salary (wages) will no longer be paid and that we need to find another source of income.  We need to try Road Accident fund (they wont help us according to an attorney), UIF (which only pays out after they have accepted all paperwork) a minimum 8 weeks later.  I myself am unemployed, I have been applying for work and I have yet to receive 1 response to any of my many applications.  

Your assistance will help us so much, we currently have no income and with today's economy it is so tough to make ends meet.  We are humbly asking for assistance to get through the next 4 to 5 months we have rent to pay which is R7500, Water R 800, electricity R 1000, Petrol to school and back costs us R300 weekly (R1200 monthly), Our daughter's school fees is R 750 per month, she is in Grade R, our son's school fees are R1200, he is in Grade 2, we are busy applying for assistance from his school with regards to his school fees, but my daughter's school does not allow for subsidies at all. These are just the basic needs for the household and not for food.   


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