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Boomerang Hub Graduates Centre

Boomerang Hub Graduates Centre is a proudly South African youth-led graduates non-profit organisation founded in 2015. The organisation aim is connecting and empowering disadvantaged & disabled graduates from rural areas and townships in South Africa for permanent independence. 

Our programmes are focusing on  preparing the future workforce  for industial age system wide innovation with focus on work-readiness training, digital skills and digital careers. One of our biggest programme is the future workplace preparation which focus on improving the employability chances of graduates and give them exposure/education & training for  digital careers. 

The programme was started in 2015 before the rise of the #HireAGraduate movement. We realised that as much as we see the problem of graduates unemployment no one was willing to define the problem and come up with sustainable solutions to solve it for good. We then started Boomerang Hub Graduates Centre to focus on graduates connection and empowerment.  

The Boomerang Hub Graduates Centre established the: Future workplace training programme;

- Reach and support as many unemployed graduates from rural areas and townships in South Africa.

- To build capacity amongst black disadvantaged & disabled  youth graduates 

- Connecting work-ready  graduates to employment or digital careers 

- Establish support goup and Boomjobmatch platform to match graduates job seekers bases on the profile and  needs.

- The programme will help in fighting the scourge unemployment and shortage of future workplace skills.

- Taking action towards building a flourish and resilience future workforce that is ready to work towards building a better efficient South African economy.

According to National Youth Policy programme (NYP 2020) graduates youth targeted interventions like ours are needed to enable young South Africans to actively participate, engage in society and the economy. While Stats SA research reveal that graduates unemployment was 33,5 % for those aged between 15-24 and 10.2% amongst those aged between 25-34 years, while the rate amongst adults aged between 35-64 was 4,7%. Implying that  unemployment in South Africa is high for both youth and adults. This imply that the unemployment rate is high in youth between 15-34 meaning  more than one in every three young people in labour force did not have a job in the first quarter of 2018. 

Workplace training focuses on the following aeeas; On the job training| Personal Development | Future career planing| New job opportunities| ICT Skills| Digital skills | Digital Careers| 

We work with  businesses and education partners to provide current and future workplace training to prepare graduates with the relevant skills needed in today ever changing technology job driven market. We are devoted towards advancing economic opportunity through out South Africa including the underserved graduates , communities and businesses. These relationships take time to build and requires continuous investments and renewal. 

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