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Broaden Out Their Horizons

Broaden Out Their Horizons is an educational charity, established by two London teachers. The charity aims to organise and fund reciprocal exchange visits between schools in the UK and South Africa. The charity’s name encapsulates its core aims – to provide life-changing experiences for young people in both countries who would not otherwise have that opportunity. 

The charity was set up in 2013 and since then has successfully completed two amazing projects involving EGA School in Islington and two partner schools in the Eastern Cape.  We are now fundraising towards our 3rd project – taking place in 2018-2019. 

We believe we are unique in what we do in several key aspects:

Firstly, the age and background of the students - we organise projects with 15-18 year olds from the UK and South Africa who would not have the financial means to fund independent travel. Secondly, the active involvement of the students in the planning and delivery of what we do and finally the reciprocal nature of the projects - this is central to our vision and shared by our patron Helena Bonham Carter, who has said in support  ‘I am very excited to be part of something that aims to give young people around the world the opportunity not only to share what they have in common with each other, but also to learn from their differences’. 

BOTH projects are not about UK schools ‘helping’ schools in South Africa. They are about young people learning from each other. 

The transformative power of our projects is best summed up in the words of the students themselves.

“You have taught me a whole lot more than a school textbook could ever teacher me!”

 “You have all changed my life.  You have given me inspiration to explore and have opened my eyes to endless opportunities. For me, this is just the start of travelling, the start of experiencing the world.”

“I learned that in life everything is possible"