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Bouvier des Flandres Rescue South Africa

Our mission is to protect and server the Bouvier des Flandres breed throughout South Africa, by the responsible and effective rescue of Bouviers in need.

Education of the public with relation to the qualities, characteristics, needs and requirements of this special breed is of the utmost importance. All Bouviers handled by DdFRSA will only be placed in fully approved homes after sterilisation, full vaccination, deworming and microchipping.

Bouviers will only be placed in homes where the breed is known - therefore with families who have owned Bouviers before. Full health and behavioural assesssments will be done and all care will be taken to ensure that the new families are in all ways perfect for the Bouvier in question.

A home visit will be done to establish suitablility, and a follow up phase of at least three weeks will be monitored by a highly qualified behaviourist. Mature Rescues will only be homed to families with proven knowledge of the breed to, to families with no children under the age of 12, to families with no cat, poultry, caged birds or livestock.

NOTE: The above are general guidelines that will be used to ensure the highes possible success rate with placements. However each placement will be handled on its own merit.

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