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BRAVE was founded ten years ago by three 10-year-old girls living in Manenberg, one of South Africa’s most dangerous, gang-ridden communities on the outskirts of Cape Town. These young girls decided that together, they wanted to create safer spaces for the girls in their community, to protect them from the rife gang violence and dangers of their community. 

Since then, BRAVE has managed to expand and impact over 900 girls through after-school leadership workshops, holiday camps, micro-adventures, and road trips. We have been able to reach young girls in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, the United States and thousands more through our outreach projects.

BRAVE is a girl-founded and girl-led organisation that uses the challenge of travel and adventure, experience, and storytelling to encourage leadership among the girls, inspiring and empowering them to be leaders. We stand with girls; we listen to, and amplify, their voices; we share their stories, and help these young women seek the joy and the value in their lives, despite the myriad challenges they face. 

Not only is BRAVE building a sisterhood, but also a network of individuals from the media, travel, design and business industries to be a part of the FRIENDS OF BRAVE network. This network of individuals shares our commitment to create opportunities for these young women, to ensure they are allowed the opportunity to become their best selves and can create positive change in their communities and in our world.  BRAVE believes that girls matter, and in supporting them, we allow for positive change in their own lives, and in the lives of their community members and citizens of our country.

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The Cunninghams
In memory of India's Mom, so Brave! xx
Jen Rogers
For India and her mom. The Bravest.

For the Challenge in the challenge!

Lena Perenchio
Thinking of all of you and holding you all near and dear to my heart.
Powerful beyond measure...
Thank you. Making a stand, making a change for those less fortunate. And those that went the entire distance... Next Level!
Stay safe during these trying times thank you for all you do

On behalf of the #ultrabackyardtrailchallenge and supporting those who did it. Should out to Emily for letting us know what it was about!


Thanks you to all those organising this!!

Keep up the good work...especially when it feels like an ultra marathon