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History In 2002 Bread of Life was founded as key response to the dire situation South African youth are facing. Langa was chosen as the area for a skills training programme known as Peer Education to be tested. Peer Education is all about young people influencing their peers in a positive way. The four communities Langa, Philippi, Mfuleni, Masiphumelele and Strand, allowed for the elements of Peer Education to be tested. Over the years Bread of Life is recommended as the best practice adolescent Peer Education implementer and heavily involved in the refinement of the Peer Education model. Bread of Life extended its programme to Out of School Youth, implementing in all of our targeted communities. Many of these youth are school drop outs and unemployed. Forgotten by the system, they are highest at risk in getting involved in crime, being infected with HIV and falling victim to Substance Abuse. Bread of Life has shown itself to be an organization with the courage to pioneer, initiate and develop ideas, projects and activities and is playing a decisive role in the fight against HIV and AIDS. What we do? Bread of Life is developing and equipping youth through a skill training programme known as Peer Education – which involves adolescents positively influencing their peers. We provide training, activities and forums that offer youth the opportunity to become agents of change among their peers and within their community. Outcomes Through skills training, imparted by our trained facilitators to Peer Educators are being nurtured in becoming agents of change in their communities. We believe that young people that do not have vision, purpose or self-worth will engage in self-destructive behavior. We have seen and we want to see young people……. • Filled with vision and purpose for the future • Being leaders and advocates for change in their community • Participating in VCT and HIV disclosures • Abstaining from sexual activity • Being faithful and using protection • Attending the clinics in their communities • Forging cross cultural friendships • Completing their schooling • Driving community upliftment initiatives • Advocating for youth friendly service providers in their communities A reduction in: • Sexual activity of young people • Multiple partners • HIV infections and STI’s • Teen Pregnancies • Drug and alcohol Abuse • Aids related deaths • Adolescent sex work • Apathy • Racial Division and inequality

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