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Breaking Barriers Community Outreach

Breaking Barriers Community Outreach was established due to the growing concern of crime, drug abuse, unemployment and lack of resources the Athlone area, a desperate need for an intervention programme became evident. The process started 1 years ago from the house of Vivienne Swartz with one personal laptop and a computer, she invited learners into her home to make use of these resources for their tasks. Initially we started with three children and the number rapidly grew, which brought us to the point where we had to search for premises and collaborating partners to take the project further.


The objective of the project is to address issues concerning well-being, education, youth development and unemployment.

The Recourse Centre computer Lab is giving students free access to technology for homework, assignments and obtain project ideas.

Due to the over grounded class rooms many of the learners are left behind whiles teaching, because there is no control of the massive number of learners and therefore Breaking Barriers in partnering with Wordworks and retired teachers who target those with reading challenges and learners struggling to keep up with the work load. Teaching reading techniques and tutoring after school.

Offering the youth/adults life and personal skills Developing leaders and work skills, educating and empowering young people in order to connect with society in a healthy way.

  • Coaching students /young adults for the corporate world. Assisting them with formulating their Curriculum Vitae
  • Skills training: equipping our people by training individual’s skills such as, painting, pluming, tiling, mechanical, welding and electrical skill among others.
  • On hand Volunteers, assist job seekers with the City’s online job application system, equipped with different applications thus ensuring that the process of applying for vacancies is smooth, this way we are allowing people to become self-sufficient by way of sustainable job creation. These individual will be offered communication skills to prepare them for job interviews and work etiquette.

Expected Results

The expected result is for the Recourse centre to benefit all residents, providing access to information and services they could not easily access before. To ensure that every pupil has technology after school to achieve quality results.

  • To break the poverty cycle and to avoid drug abuse and gangsterism.
  • Target Groups
  • Breaking Barriers has a policy of working in collaboration with likeminded organisations to bring about lasting change in taking a holistic approach to address the need of the disenfranchise communities. This approach will ensure that everyone will be exposed to resources at all levels.

Feeding Scheme

  • Background Information 
  • The feeding scheme was introduced 5 years ago, which started as a family venture. Feeding the children in Athlone intermittently. Due to the great need in the community we started providing this full time FEEDING IN ACTION intervention programme to feed children and senior citizens in March 2016 on a weekly basis. We currently feed 77 children and 52 seniors
  • Objective
  • Our aim is to in a small way break the poverty cycle and to ensure that both our children and senior citizens does not go to bed hungry.
  • Expected results
  • Functional families, break the chain of children falling into trap of criminal activity and the young girls going into prostitution due to a lack of food. Our senior citizens to be properly cared for.

Associated Projects

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