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Hi everyone,

In 2013 I suddenly developed an intense pain in my upper jaw, stemming from a tooth with a root canal. I rushed to a dentist, who removed the tooth and put me on antibiotics. Unbeknownst to me, a massive infection had formed due to my compromised immune system and the absence of nerves in the root canal.

The infection ravaged my facial bones, making it necessary to remove several teeth, leaving me with minimal options for eating and causing immense pain. Despite visiting numerous specialists, the exact cause eluded them until a 3D cone scan revealed the extent of the damage.

This condition is worse than cancer; it affects my heart, organs, and energy levels. I can only consume a few specific foods due to the toxicity in my body. I am writing this in desperation, as my quality of life has diminished, and I find myself isolated at home, unable to work properly.

I have found a specialist, Dr. R, who can perform a 6-hour operation to remove the infection, clean my jaws and gums, and reconstruct my facial bones. The operation is my only hope for a normal life again. I need your support to cover the costs of this urgent procedure, starting the treatment plan, and subsequent follow-ups.

Your contribution will not only help me regain my health but also restore my ability to lead a normal life. I am immensely grateful for any help you can provide.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


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May this help restore your health. From Abba

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