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llan, a devoted family man known for his boundless heart and generosity, faces a sudden health crisis. Hospitalized with suspected bacterial meningitis on September 19th, his family, including an autistic son, devoted wife, and caring mother-in-law, now grapple with emotional and financial strains.

Your support, no matter how small, offers relief during this trying time. Let's unite as a community to help Allan and his family. Your donation covers medical expenses and showcases human kindness.

Please consider contributing to make a difference. Together, we can bring comfort, healing, and positivity to their lives. Thank you for your generosity.

To contribute to this cause please click on the link below... 

Please consider covering the platform fee, so more of your donations goes to our project.

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Anonymous donated R 100 via Allan Robertson
20 Sep 2023 R 100
Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Allan Robertson
20 Sep 2023 US $ 11