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The state of poverty of the people is extremely worrying. The following factors may help to illustrate the situation. Between 54%-65% of Pakistan live below the poverty line of one dollar per day. The War against terror, fatal disease and poverty is responsible for the death of 215 Pakistani each day.

Pakistan is a poor country and still fighting for economic stability, security, education and health needs for its people. Unfortunately, its rating for corruption is seventh in the world. Women and children's are the most vulnerable groups that we simply cannot ignore.

Many orphans are very desperate, lonely, abandoned, abused, neglected, rejected and suffering of hunger, disease, nakedness and they are forgotten by the outside world. Some of them look for food at the municipal garbage site and sniff glue every day to help them go through the pain and cold nights, depression and hardships. They need someone to rescue them. They need shelter; food, clothing, education and medical care to bring them back into normal life.

We seek your favour and support in generating resources to help, care and support to widows and orphans, especially those living alone without care and support. 

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