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Bright Start Education and Mentorship Support Programme

Bright Start was founded in 2008 as a non-profit Organisation to address the continuous forms of inequality, injustices and widespread forms of poverty in Cape Town post 1994. Bright Start understands Education to be a fundamental tool to bridge this ever growing gap between the rich and the poor of Hout Bay by giving previously disadvantaged children the opportunity to access  schools that provides quality education.

Bright Start's holistic methodology recognizes that parents are central to the child's development and subsequently ensures that parents are empowered with the necessary support and skills to support the child's learning trajectory.

An essential part of our programme is the protection and safety of all our children. We therefore ensure that our children attend after school programmes that are filled with extra-mural activities, sport, home club and play in a safe and fun environment. Our After School Programme further provides our children the opportunity to do ballet, swim, and play hockey and other sports that they ordinarily would not have access to. This subsequently equipping our children with the necessary life and social skills needed for every day life.  

Bright Start prides itself in their philosophy which is to eradicate South Africa's poverty, one child - one family at a time.  

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