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Bright Starts Child Care

Bright Starts has a vision.

Bright Starts Child Care is a Non-profit organization established by Pamela van der Merwe, aimed at giving children lost in the system a chance at life.

Our starting focus is on children born with drug and alcohol withdrawal problems. These children are born to mothers who are themselves addicts, who then pass their addiction, whether it be drugs or alcohol, on to the baby pre-natally (before birth).

This baby and child needs constant care, medication and lots of love.

This is where the foster-parents step in and open their hearts and homes to these babies and children.

Bright Starts will collaborate with other institutions, families, businesses and individuals who are already responding to this desperate plea for help.

We at Bright Starts would like to work with the foster-parents to drive collections for wool to knit beanies and scarves for the coming winter, we need tinned foods, non-perishable foods, washing powder, nappies, baby formula, etc. to make food parcels to distribute to the foster homes on a continuing basis in support of their on-going child care.

We urgently need funding for the establishment and running of a care center and support group where children and their parents can get together to share experiences, lean from each other. We need volunteers who can educate the foster parents to cope with the day-to-day challenges of these children and give them a chance at normality.

We intend to have on-going fund raising initiatives, fun days, cake sales, anything to help our worthy cause.

As a person who cannot have children, my heart breaks for the plight of these children who have to fight for life literally from the womb.

Please help me to help them.

For any further information, please call or whatsapp PAMELA VAN DER MERWE or email [email protected]