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This is a terrible predicament I am currently in. In fact its a complete state of desperation. I've been a well known Traditional Healer for fifteen years. From the very beginning I was thrown into the Media as I was different. I do TV, Radio interviews. My career has been incredibly successful but in 2020 my ex husband and best friend of 27 years was murdered. Things started going downhill. I went to stay at a friends Game Lodge for almost a year after to go find some solace in nature. I had to come back to Jhb to start making money again. I landed up somehow at the worst place in the World. I was offered accommodation by a complete stranger on Facebook. Very kind and charming. This was comforting at the time as my safety net was gone and I was trying to make a big new beginning, very quickly I found myself in a relationship with said person. Being back in Jhb my business started up again. I do earn good money and I get tons of business from Google and all my Media exposure, but currently I live in a house with five unemployed people very happy to be supported by my earnings. I have left here eight times but every time he brings me back,he makes trouble for me with anybody who helps me, he goes through my phone and deleting people and contacting people I am close to in business and as friends. He has me completely isolated. All my colleagues have been manipulated against me. Any friends have also been contacted and told stories. I have no family either so he has succeeded in completely isolating me. After eight attempts you start giving up ever being free. Recently I have been finding Witchcraft in my bedroom and his property gets inundated by witchcraft so much by family in fighting that I cannot do my job. The abuse has escalated to sexual and physical violence, under no circumstances will he let me go. I am a Specialist Sangoma in Witchcraft removal, demon removal and exorcism, the past two months I've had two major media releases that have had zero response which is absolutely not normal at all. I require urgent help and assistance to get away from him to be alone with my four rescue dogs to regain my composure, self respect, confidence and sense of safety. The constant Witchcraft on this property as well as the mental, physical and emotional abuse will keep me prisoner forever. I have to do something fast to escape and regain all that I have lost. I'm praying for a miracle to just have a safe peaceful space for myself and my rescue dogs. I have no doubt I can revive my business to its former glory. All I need is my own space where I pay the rent and nobody can control my life any longer. 

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