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Help Hannah fight mental illness and live Campaign

I am proudly Hannahs mom and this is our story.

Hannah is an incredible 17-year-old young lady. She has taught me what it is to be courageous and strong through her battle with mental illness.  
The world can be a judgmental place, filled with critics who don't believe in mental illness. She needs to be punished for this behavior, she is being manipulative, she is oversensitive, she is using it as an excuse. The list goes on. 
 Mental illness is taboo in society, and I used to be worried about speaking openly about our situation in fear of judgment.
Now that I am more educated, this is no longer a concern. Mental illness is real. Although we can't see it like we can a broken leg, it is real. It is not her fault and not her choice.
I promised her 3 years ago that I would stop at NOTHING to help her. It was my promise to her, and we have been on quite a journey since.
After accumulating crazy debt and then going through the available channels at work for free sessions with psychologists it was clear that she needed more. Without medical aid, I spent 2 weeks 8 hours a day contacting hundreds of psychiatrists across South Africa, reaching out for help. I contacted any and all lifelines I could find. 
3 years later, a suicide attempt, a diagnosis of bipolar, many doctors, counselors, two 21-day stays in a clinic, brain scans, blood tests, psychologists, psychiatrists, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, pills to go to sleep, pills to wake up, pills to focus, pills to relax...bags and bags of pills ... she is still on her best day feeling a 2 to 5 out of 10. Unable to wake up happy and face a day. Feeling panicked as if she had a gun to her head most of the time.
It was clear that her current treatment plan was not working. I started to reach out once more because I PROMISED and will not stop until she gets the help she needs! I am her mama and next to her every step of the way. 
 We went to see a new doctor and with new testing and monitoring she was able to show images on her screen with graphs and facts explaining why Hannah is unable to function. Everything she said made absolute sense and we understand now more than ever how much my child is suffering! 
We now also have a new treatment plan that feels so right! Focused more on treating the root than the symptoms. 
Scientists believe that depression and mental health conditions may be due to a connection problem between nerve cells in the areas of the brain that regulate mood. Research suggests that people with long-term conditions may have fewer synapses that allow these nerve cells to communicate.
Medically supervised ketamine infusion therapy has found to be reactivating existing connections and to grow new ones, helping the brain to shake loose negative thoughts and shift out of depression. Because the brain has actually been reshaped, it may explain why anti-depressant medications that didn't work in the past, may help after ketamine therapy.
Let me say, that this doctor is an angel on this earth. She has already done some pro bono testing and has gone ahead without any payment as yet. I told her, I don't yet know how but I WILL make this possible! I just have to!!!
Hannah is booked for Saturday 16 September for her first of two Ketamine infusions. 
She will need therapy afterwards, too. 
Now, this is the part where this very desperate mom is reaching out to anyone willing and able to assist with our fight against mental illness, our fight for a normal life. 
Hannah is an incredible human and although she feels like a failure, she can go places! She is kind, courageous and intelligent. She has a deep passion to work with people, and I can see her potential.
Please help this incredibly special human to get the treatment she needs. To live the life, she deserves.
Yours sincerely, the mom that did not give up.

Donor Messages

Jan Barlow
I’m matching what I can see was donated by my friends so far!!! Love you Bronwynne and Hannah to the moon and back! Jan
Aunty Val, Marc and Gabs
Dearest Hanni, we have all the faith that you’ll have the strength to push through (especially with the help of your parents and brother) We’re so proud of you and support you every step of the way. We love and miss you so much - You’ve got this!
I too suffer from depression. Like your daughter, I have a mother who supports me and would do anything to help me. Praying this treatment leads to health and peace for both of you.
♥️ I love you my Bron, you’re an exceptional Mum.
Michael D'Andrea
Wishing you health and happiness
Marques Family
Sending love and support, your daughter is in our thoughts and prays x
Ana Guerra
Hannah, even when you might not feel it, you've got the strength to get through.
Sending love and support to this loved one of Jan Barlow. 💜
I hope this works. Everyone should be able to enjoy life.

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