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Buckaroo a Marlene Neumann Initiative

The Buckaroo Sterilisation Initiative was started in June 2015 by Master Fine Art photographer Marlene Neumann. The project follows a  holistic approach  educating the community on animal care and the importance of sterilising their dogs.  The aim is to reduce the number of litters being born, prevent the transmission of disease and overall to instil a sense of pride and understanding that their dogs and cats are an extension of their family.

Additional education is given in terms of how to care for their dogs, explaining basics such as food, fresh water and shelter. Dogs are signed up for the program on a weekly basis.

Some of the communities are really poor. The Buckaroo project assists not only the dogs but also the local people who are in dire need of help. Local community members are employed to assist with the delivery of kennels, fetching the dogs and the dipping. Fencing has also been provided to some owners where the dogs are at risk of being run over.

Buckaroo depends on the support of companies and the public to continue it's work in the community with the dogs. The project needs over 450kg of dog food per month. Donations of clothes and food are handed over to people in the community. Buckaroo is a team of volunteers working with the public and companies to make a difference in the community and in the dogs lives.


Donations to date

R 32 142.30

Fundraising target

R 65 000.00

Donor Messages

Sending healing wishes to dear Tombi

Get well soon Tombi - sending you lots of love

Go little one
Get better soon Tombi, thank you for helping this baby
Lauren M
with love
Wendy Rother
Hope people open their hearts to you!! Tombi.
Get well soon baby
Get well soon precious soul.
I hope everything goes well.

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07 Aug 2020 USD $ 60
07 Aug 2020 R 53
30 May 2020 R 105
30 May 2020 USD $ 48
30 May 2020 R 210