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Butterfly Art Project

BAP encourages creativity and healing through art to build strong communities of active, artistic and stable citizens that are able to recognise and utilise opportunities. By partnering with diverse educational institutions, offering mentorships, training for educators and art practitioners to run healing art classes in vulnerable communities, we build resources for a creative network for a greater South Africa and beyond.

Training Programme:

This programme focuses on enabling and empowering participants to implement healing art classes within disadvantaged communities. The curriculum aims to create safe spaces that are a catalyst for holistic healthy development and that encourage exploration and creativity. Over the years our training modules have been refined based on our learning with children and collaboration with others in the development sector. After completing our Early Beginnings module and any other two modules, participants qualify to become part of the Community Art Facilitators Network:

The training is structured in modules themed for a specific artistic concept and consists of 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Mentoring Programme:

The mentoring programme offers further guidance to training participants and Community Art Facilitators in developing their art therapeutic skills. Our mentoring process includes support to trainees how to implement in their teaching spaces in an effective and sustainable way. Our experienced mentors provide one on one sessions and site visits that motivates them to complete our Community Art Facilitators training.

Art Partner Support Programme:

The Art Partner Support Programme offers further development opportunities for trainees to deepen their knowledge and enable them to help grow psychosocial support to disadvantaged communities. By creating spaces to engage in peer-learning, to improve observation skills and to share art programme management tools, we respond to the needs of our participants.


Donations to date

R 2 470.55

Fundraising target

R 55 500.00

Donor Messages

Joanna Espiner
Working with clay has such benefits for all ages, I know this first hand, so I wish you well for your pottery room revamp.
Alberto & Guglielmina Contoli
Hoping a new and constructive future for this wonderful kids!
To honour the creative spark in each human being
Donny Jurgens Development Services
Good luck. Keep up the good work.
Z Philander

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