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Beyond Vitiligo

Beyond Vitiligo was founded on 25 June 2011, it’s an idea that has been gathering motion throughout the years.

The organisation was named Beyond Vitiligo because of the notion that vitiligo has no cure and the only way to beat vitiligo is by accepting the skin condition and be able to see beyond the patches.

Today BV is operating as a fully registered Non-profit organisation, with CIPC and Department of Social development. The only thing hindering progress on viducating (Vitiligo Education) the communities is funding and government support.

Since inception BV has been funded from the directors’ pockets.  Beyond Vitiligo has hosted World vitiligo day events in the past years from the director’s contributions. Currently, we have 40 members including three kids aged 3, 5, and 7.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create awareness on vitiligo on the international stage
  • To find out the latest developments on cure of vitiligo
  • To create exposure on our work in South Africa
  • Vitiligo education
  • Counselling of vitiligo patients
  • Solidifying relationships with stake holders and funders internationally
  • To engage young people from schools are they are likely to victimized
  • The organisation also want to embody artists in different platforms


  • Fighting stigma on Vitiligo in South Africa communities and beyond through creating Awareness, Support, Viducating and Acceptance
  • Awareness - One of major objective to reach all corners of South Africa to educate the communities on Vitiligo; this will be done through media and numerous outreach programs see pictures on annexure 2
  • Support - is to be provided to those affected by the skin condition through workshops, true life stories and sharing ideas on the new medications. This support will be extended to parents with children affected by Vitiligo in order for them to understand the emotional stress associated with Vitiligo
  • Viducate - BV intends to Viducate (Vitiligo education) the community on the effects of Vitiligo and the history through social media networks, lectures, presentation, road shows, TV shows, radio interviews etc.
  • Acceptance - We intend to create an environment which encourages acceptance of Vitiligo infected individuals in the community and as well as reaching out to communities to accept Vitiligo as a normal skin condition. As discovered, Vitiligo has been associated with numerous cultural connotations in the community, making it difficult for its acceptance

Associated Projects

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