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Hello everyone. 

I am yet again in a pickle and I really need help from my family and friends. 

As those who know me , know I have moved to Durban for a new start and beginning. Unfortunately it did not work out. I know it was my decision to go , but I can not help how it all ended up with. All I can do is look forward and try and make the best out of the situation. 

I need to move back to Pretoria ASAP. I did not plan for this, so financially I am drained and I do not know how I am going to go next. 

I did work but had to leave it. 

I only have so much finances. I need to have transport back and also transport for my belongings. I have to stay at my parents for a little while until I get a job and housing. I also have studied but had to put a stop to it until I get work. 

I know this is a long shot , but will anybody please be willing to help me? I need finances to get to Pretoria , send out CV's , buy food , airtime and all I need until I am on my feet. I do not like to ask , even though it might seem like it.. I just do not know what to do. 

My parents have a few people in the house and I know I am always welcome , but if I can get a place and a job it would be so grateful. 

Any donations is welcome and if anyone maybe knows of a Admin position that would be awesome and helpful too. 

If anyone have any question please do not hesitate to ask me. I will give answers and explain better if needs to be. 

I appreciate it all. 

Much love,

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