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Hi, My name is Candice Grover, and I am from Limpopo, Hoedspruit.

I am utterly heartbroken as I type this motivation of support. Mel, Grant, Savannah and Harper are again facing the unthinkable. Mel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May of 2021. She faced a gruelling 15-month journey of Chemotherapy, Double Mastectomy, Radiography and MANY, MANY other ups and downs, but Mel's strength never once wavered through it all.

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Donor Messages

Family du Plessis
Vasbyt darlinks, from our heart to yours. Love Rose & John du Plessis

My couragous daughter_inlaw no words can possible measure up to what you ane Grant have to endure ounce again.but just know we are here to give you all strength to get you through this.I will be Grants rock for you mel and my beautiful granddaughters

You are always in our thoughts, keep on fighting Mel. ♥️
Auntie Cathy
Hang in there Mel
Wildscapes Team
Our team and our wildlife is beyond rooting for you Mel!! Here to provide a helping hand or a big ol elephant dart for any people further hampering your treatments! Much love from us all!
Keep fighting!

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Family du Plessis donated R 1 000 via Our Warrior Woman Needs Us
08 Dec 2023 R 1 000
Viljoens donated US $ 116 via Our Warrior Woman Needs Us
03 Dec 2023 US $ 116
Auntie Cathy donated US $ 216 via Our Warrior Woman Needs Us
01 Dec 2023 US $ 216
Anonymous donated US $ 54 via Our Warrior Woman Needs Us
01 Dec 2023 US $ 54
Anonymous donated R 500 via Our Warrior Woman Needs Us
01 Dec 2023 R 500