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Hello everyone. My name is Candice and I desperately need some help affording a TEFL course so I can earn a certificate to teach English online. My family and I live paycheck to paycheck and I cannot manage to put aside enough money to buy this course, we been trying but life has gone from hard to worse. However I am dedicated and eager to learn and start working in the new year! This will change my life and my family's, I'll be able to support them properly and finally afford things that should be basic human rights like medicine and shoes. Our situation truly is bad, but I am hopeful and inspired that completing this course will allow me to find work online. I just need some help, I would be forever grateful. Thank you so much for reading and considering.


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R 2 790.00

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Anonymous donated R 500 via TEFL Course for Candice
07 Nov 2023 R 500