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Cape Cystic Fibrosis Assoc


1) Providing educational material on CF, not only to the CF families, but also to the medical profession and the general public. The earlier the proper care is started, the better the prognosis for the child.

2) To give the best medical care available to all CF sufferers.

Not all the latest advancement in medication and treatment is available at our provincial hospitals making some of the medication inaccessible to our disadvantaged families and those without medical aid.

Costs of medical equipment required:

  • Bi-Pap (Ventilator) Machine (Portable Version R35000)
  • Humidifier (which accompanies the Bi-Pap Ventilator) R2200
  • Hand held Pulse Oximeter R6,600

For Home Therapy use the following are required:

  • Nebulizers each R2500 up to R11,000
  • Oxygen concentrator R15, 000
  • Portable oxygen cylinder R8, 000
  • Kangaroo feeder R3, 000
  • Pulmozyme drug therapy for nebulizer - R7, 000 a month.

3) We also try to provide emotional and moral support to all the families. It is not easy to come to terms with the severity of CF, especially when the child is very ill. This requires personal contact. We have a liaison person to visit clinics regularly, and have recently employed a Social Worker for specific needs of the family.

4) We now provide Food Parcels to those families most in need, some of whose parents are unemployed. This is to ensure that our patients receive the best nutritional foodstuff to benefit their diet. Our greatest challenge is to make sure that all CF children and young adults have the chance of a healthier and brighter future! Please help us in our goal!

For further information, please contact: Ruth Ireland: Liaison Officer - Cape CF Association Phone (021) 557-0323 Contact Offices Cape: Ruth Ireland (021) 557-0323


A word of thanks:

On behalf of the Cape Cystic Fibrosis Association, I wish to sincerely thank all those who have so kindly donated to our cause through “Back-a-Buddy” The Cystic Fibrosis Association distributes much needed breathing equipment to  our less fortunate members and your support is most appreciated.

Ruth Ireland: Administrator – Cape CF Association


Donations to date

R 11 032.60

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

Donor Messages

Sam James
With Love, Encouragement and Support
Rodger Williams
Love that you are doing this
You are in inspiration! Good luck!
Sacha du Plessis
All the best La
Sabine Sawatzki
Lara, what a wonderful way to turn a personal dream into helping to find a cure for a debilitating illness. Be blessed.
Dave Strydom
Good Luck Lara
Ariah Harris
I'm almost jealous! Good luck with your climb! Have fun, come home safely. For R10 Tuesday!
Oliver Hudson
Have a great adventure on that mountain! For January's R10 Tuesday
Ivor Hinrichsen
4 x R10 Tuesday for January! Good luck with your climb, enjoy ever moment!

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