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Poverty in South Africa has gone from bad to worse in the last couple of years. Due to the Economic pressures within the Mining Sector, retrenchment numbers have escalated over the last few years which in turn caused the poverty levels to increase drastically.  Families had to sell their possession to remain afloat, homes have been repossessed due to non payment and many of these families now live with family and friends, which in turn puts financial strain on those household.  In many cases we have families living in Wendy Houses or tents in back yards. 

We have over 150 families, which include about 200 children that benefit from Care 2B Kind.  We feed in excess of 500 hungry mouths every month and we find that the children are the ones that are effected the most. 

They are the ones exposed to the cruelty of humans.  These children get teased at school because of the state of their clothing and equipment.  This in turn results in them not being educated properly and the vicious circle continues, as they drop out of school to pursue a life of begging which later transforms into crime.  We assist by helping with school clothing, meals and stationery. 

The situation has become so dire, that we have been forced to open a Care House in order to provide shelter for women and children that are left vulnerable.  We have 22 people living in the house at any time and it is still not enough.  At this stage we can not accommodate everyone that needs our help. 

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Riana Kroëse

082 061 8458




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Michelle Venter
Thank you for your dedication in helping the needy. I hope this small donation will help somewhere xx