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Carel du Toit East London

Carel du Toit Centre East London is a pre-school where deaf children learn to speak. Once a child is diagnosed with hearing loss, their journey with us begins. We start with parent guidance, where we teach parents to elicit language from their children.

The child starts in the pre-school class anywhere from 18 months - 2 years of age. We follow a pre-school curriculum, however, it is centered around language. Our children receive a holistic education and our program includes; music, balls skills, and speech therapy.

A volunteer speech therapist comes in twice a week to see our children. We give the children 3 meals a day at the center, and for many of them, this is the only food that they receive in a day. Our main aim is that our children would learn to speak, and take their place in a hearing world, be on par with their hearing peers, and attend mainstream school. 


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Kashveera Chanderjith
Deaf children should always have the opportunity to learn to speak.

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