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Good day

My sister suddenly passed away on the 02 | 02 | 2024 at the age of 46.
She was admitted to the hospital on the 27 | 01 | 2024 for a spider bite on her leg. The next day, she started getting seizures, and they sent her a few tests just to find out that she had a brain anuerysm (bleeding on the brain). 
Also, she was disabled her whole life. She was born spina bifida with hydrocephalus shunts in her brain. She was used to a perfect life and then divorce hit her hard. 

She went through her divorce 4 years ago and walked out with absolutely nothing. She was staying here and there. Never had a place to stay and call her home. 

She tried her best to look after herself all this time. She had a funeral policy but  only took it out in November of 2023. So she was still in her "waiting" period (she passed away before the 6 months). 

Please, we need assistance with funds to pay for the funeral. Any help will be highly she can go and rest in peace.

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