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My beloved daughter, who is now 14 years old, has been facing dental challenges throughout her young life.

Her front teeth have suffered damage and decay, which can be traced back to antibiotic use during her early childhood. Earlier this year, after a visit to the dentist, we received some difficult news. It was recommended that her damaged front teeth be extracted, but there's a prerequisite – she needs the assistance of an orthodontist to align her teeth properly before this can happen. Only after this alignment is achieved can the front teeth be extracted and replaced with two crowns.

However, the cost of this procedure is quite substantial, amounting to 40,000 rand. Sadly, we do not have medical aid coverage, and while the government can assist with the extraction, they do not provide support for the restoration of her front teeth. This situation weighs heavily on my heart because my daughter's self-esteem has taken a toll due to her dental condition. She endures teasing from her peers at school, and it pains me to witness her struggle.

I humbly reach out to ask for any help that could make it possible to restore her teeth and, in doing so, restore her confidence and well-being. Your compassion and support would be immensely appreciated, as they have the power to positively impact my daughter's life and outlook.

Thank you for considering our plea to help her regain her beautiful smile and self-assurance.

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