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Medical Funding for Carmen's Battle with MS

I'm hoping to raise funds to get a Stem Cell Transplant to halt the progression of my disease.

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Donor Messages

Mary Kelly
Carmen, My daughter had HSCT in August in Mexico. Our family will forever be grateful that we were able to find and fund her treatment~ Wishing you and your family all the best on this journey!
Alex and Julia Rayfiel
Wishing you a safe and successful treatment
helen Storr
All the best Carmen xxx
Marilyn Lynch
My best. ??
Battery Centre Plumstead
As we get established, we hope to do more.
Best wishes Carmen ??
This isn’t much, but wanted to donate something
Daryl Garb
May G-d bless you with a speedy recovery and good health.
Vikki Bergoff
I saw your post on a Facebook community page.. Good luck Carmen, I really hope you can have the treatment.

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06 Feb 2019 USD 53
Alex and Julia Rayfiel donated USD $ 211 to Medical Funding for Carmen's Battle with MS via Carmen's Battle with MS
16 Dec 2018 USD 211
09 Dec 2018 USD 127
05 Dec 2018 USD 76
16 Aug 2018 USD 74