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Championing Carrina To Health 60392 Campaign

Carrina is still fighting the battle of all battles right now and needs our support to maintain the developments and findings from the various doctors and medical team assessments 
Carrina is disabled as a result of the multiple strokes and seizures
Due to not being able to work, Carrina is no longer on a medical aid. 
As we have slowly moved through the start of her care journey we have naturally incurred what would now be monthly expenses to maintain the work being done on giving her a better quality of life. 
Medication - prior to Neurology Assessment = R1 500 per month
Neurology Maintenance (Nerve Pain Injections) = R900 per month
Occupational Therapy = R2100 per month (payable in advance)
Psychology which we haven't been able to start will equal R2 500 per month 
Psychiatrist Check Up 1= R1800 (payable at each appointment. 
Your outpouring of love and compassion has not gone unnoticed - Your generosity has helped us more than we can ever begin to thank. 
Right now - We are only in a position to cover the current medication regime. 
Please help us, help her to happiness, peace and comfort

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Bellinda donated US $ 114 via Championing Carrina To Health
12 Sep 2023 US $ 114
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