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Hallo please assist me to raise the funds for a CT Scan. I do not have a medical aid. I was injured in a MVA in 2013. Still currently i suffer from a disabilty in my right upper chest  ribs and stomach. The RAF send me to 12 different Dr"s and none of them could determine my injury that left me with this disability. i went to many private Dr's but no one could tell me what is the reason why i cannot pick up any objects over 1 Kg. I cannot do certain task. Neither turn sharp to the left or right.  Or even cough sometimes. The last Specialist i was refer to was a pain Specialist before my RAF case was closed. Dr Russel Raaths immediately could find the cause of my injuries. As i suffer from 5 different injuries in my upper body. I was send for a CT s  scan but only for my Terrosic spine. The RAF Laywers never paid for mu chest of where my main dissibality remains. The examination from Dr Raaths diagnosed my right stomach muscles is paralised. As well as a nerve injury coming from my 7 rib to my spine That is also effeccting my neck right arm and hand. Due to the chest and abdominal CT scan that could not br done due to no  funds.  Please help me fund this ST Scan so i can receive the correct treatment. As this injuries have a negative influence on my quality of life.
Thank you


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