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Cross Connect Community Outreach

 Brief History.

Cross Connect Community Outreach was started by Pastor Kyle and Nicole Tolman in 2017 after working in ministry and on the mission field for various years. While driving through the streets of Krugersdorp their hearts broke when they saw waves of children wondering in the streets without a purpose while drug dealers and criminals were louring these children into a life of destruction. They knew they needed to do something about this. Cross Connect Community Outreach was born. 

 Mission and Vision Statement

Cross Connect focuses to partner with local churches, organizations, government, businesses, and individuals to facilitate transformational change in communities by changing children’s lives. We offer various programs for children and youth of all ages to create a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol, and crime. 

Our main objectives
  1. Train- Cross Connect is committed to training children and youth through Life Skills programs, Scholarships, and internships.

 2. Educate– Cross Connect is committed to educating the next generation by providing resources and supporting pre-schools, primary and high schools to provide quality education. 

 3. Care– Cross Connect is committed to offering specialized care for children and youth by providing a loving environment designed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a child

 4. Partner– Cross Connect is committed to partner with the local community, churches, organizations and businesses to start and sustain relevant upliftment programs. 

 5. Change– Cross Connect is committed to changing children’s lives through exciting Christian based outreach 


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