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Cebisa Mfenyana Medical Cause

My name is Cebisa Mfenyana and I am raising funds to pay for my Dad's hospital bill. My Dad is Reverend Mlamli Mfenyana, a retired Anglican Priest. He is 78 years old and lives in Cape Town. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 years ago.

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Donor Messages

St Laurence Dunoon

Get well soon

Chris Collier
Get well soon..
Paul Stubbs
Love you Mkhulu
Sive Mgudlwa

May you get well soon Mfundisi.

Moira & Kennedy

Sending love and light

With love!

Have a speedy recovery Bhele!

Thelma Mbe
Please Keep well Mkhulu, you are in my prayers everyday
God has helped heal the faithful since the beginning. ?