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On behalf of my cousin I would like  reach out for Help... Albert and Ben immigrated to the beautiful Island called Madeira, they invested everything into there dream opening a Bed and Breakfast glamping style for tourist in a village called Porto Moniz. As we know building a business in a foreign country is everything but easy however Albert & Ben accomplished there dream and they had 2 glamping tents with a phenomenal view for there guest to go and relax. They also have a dome that is situated in the forest and they were busy building a tree house as well. On the 12th October 2023 we received news that a fire has broken out in Porto Moniz and the area had to be evacuated. I can not imagine there horror hearing that the village is on fire. Friday morning the fire is still burning and they are awaiting anxiety to hear news however they were still not allowed back into the village, eventually Friday evening the roads were opened up and they could make there way home. Albert decide to go check the dome and the tree house that he was currently building to his surprise there tree house was burnt down completely however  the Dome was still up, it does have damage but that they can repair. They wanted to go check the tents as it is on a different location however it was dark and that road was still closed. Saturday Morning Albert took a walk to the tents to check if they were OK.... When he saw the area he stood in disbelief.... I cant imagine what went through his mind there was nothing left besides plumbing pipes.  Unfortunately Rural stay Porto Moniz tents were not insured as they saw this as "high risk" There was a market for glamping and this was filled and the tourist loved the accommodation. Please can I ask if you can donate to this campaign and help Albert build up his business again so that he can replace his tents. 


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