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Help me SOAR through Vet School Campaign

Hi to all the kind-hearted helpers out there!
Please embark on a journey with me as I pursue my passion for healing and helping our four-legged companions. I am Channing, a dedicated individual with a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of animals. Currently, on the path to being the next ground-breaking vet, I am in my 3rd year (of 6) of veterinary medical school, I am reaching out to you, compassionate souls, to join me in this profound mission.
I completed 3 years in BSc Animal Sciences, before getting admission to one of the best vet schools in the world and the ONLY one in the country! I am dedicated to completing this degree and becoming one of the world's leading vets in surgery, especially for equine patients and have a motto, to no matter the case, no matter the species or the concern, I will always give my 200% to help that little soul and their family!
Unfortunately, I have lost the means to pay for the rising fees alongside the demanding course, and volunteer work I do throughout the year. I have reached a troubling start to the year realising my dreams hang in the balance of my financial constraints...
Join me on this meaningful journey, and help me reach the potential I know I can achieve
Every donation brings us one step closer to my lifelong dreams, and your generosity becomes a vital chapter in this narrative of hope and healing.
Thank you for being a part of my story, I will be eternally grateful for any help I can receive

If you prefer to pay directly to my university, below are details to my student account as well as a breakdown of the costs for this year:

Fees estimated breakdown:
Registration fee: R10 000
Course fees: R62 000
Accommodation: R84 000
Medical equipment (stethoscope, surgical kit, blades, gloves, etc.): R8000+
Textbooks and study materials: R10 000+
Travel costs to campus: R20 000
Total: 194 000



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