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I am the owner of Asterix, a miniature horse. We are located in Brits, North West.

Last year Asterix had laminitis and made a 100% recovery. In July 2023 I've noticed that he had difficulty in walking and that he favoured his left front leg. I've treated to the best of my knowledge.

I finally managed to take him to see a vet Dr Boshoff in August. A friend paid the vet bill for me. Which I again repayed her. 
Asterix did show improvement, but since Friday morning I saw that he is again favouring his left front leg. I've contacted the vet who saw him previously and he suggested that x-rays should now be taken to find the underlying cause.
As there is no heat present in any of his hooves, the vet suspects something else is causing the condition. 
Currently, I don't enough funds to take him for x-rays and would appreciate every bit of help I can get. He will  go to Dr. Gerhardus Scheepers, Zodiac Animal Clinic, Brits because the x-ray machine at Dr. Boshoff isn't mobile and the one by Dr. Scheepers is mobile. 

I am sure as a horse loving community we can cover the costs in no time .

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