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Loosing my rental unemployed Campaign

I am an unemployed single mother. I have searched high and low for employment. 

I have a son with mental disability and diabetes T1 and his sister that is ill and she had to leave her job cause she is in constant pain and nausea and weakness, faitigue. Tests for her illness will only commence in April 2024. 
I am struggeling to put food in our home, I have begged for work to no avail. My CV has been sent everywhere by myself and people trying to help me, I have not even been granted an interview once. 
I have no money for rent of R6000 per month nor food, electricity. 
I want to pay up front rent a few months in advance and purchase a laptop or two so my daughter and I can do a course in english teaching, so that we can teach english for an income. 
My fridge is also not working at all and there is no money for repairs or food. We are strugfeling so much, most oyr meals are sandwhiches with simba chips, or pasta with spices. My son with diabetes is suffering so much. 
I also need to have broken teeth extracted and a new set of dentures. I have a partial dental plate but the teeth around it has crumbled and broken off, I am suffering immensly with painful gums. Would love to be able to eat a slice if bread with no pain. And SMILE again. 
Its so much, but its only the tip of the iceberg..
I really would appreciate any help or donation for myself and my children. 
I am afraid of being homeless, I and my children need each other, I have no husband or friends or family that can help us. 
I thank you

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