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To all readers

I am and have been a single mom to my twins Isabella and Neo since they were 9 months old, they are 22 now, and I am 53. 

We have fallen on hard times since 2016, I have struggled unsuccessfully to secure a job that could help me look after my children and give them financial security and most of important a home.  We have found the occasional odd job here and there and it has never paid a salary, never enough to pay rent or bills.  I have lost almost everything, and due to circumstances, my daughter could only go as far as Gr9 and my son Gr7.  

Neo has Schizophrenia, and Diabetes T1, he is basically like a child and needs  supervision and care.  Isabella suffers anxiety disorder and OCD.  I am still today sending out our CV's to secure stable income, but to no avail.  

At this moment  we are HOMELESS, I do not have money for our rent going further.  We are living in a very tiny rental apartment which I can't even afford, a one bedroom, and a tiny other bedroom the size of a bathroom.  

The thought of us as a family losing the last little bit of what we own and being separated into shelters place a huge fear and anxiety on us.  Mentally and physically we are suffering so much that we actually discussed to end our lives, BUT IT IS NOT AN OPTION, WE WANT TO LIVE, just want the struggles and suffering to end. 

Myself and my children due to circumstances are suffering of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and me, it feels as if I am 24/7 in fight or flight mode, my heart physically aches.  I can't remember a day I have not shed tears of hopelessness and frustration. 

We haven't had happiness in years.  I am exhausted of begging for help everywhere.  

I have also got a problem with my teeth, I need some broken teeth removed and a new set of dentures, I feel so embarrassed about my mouth that I fear talking to strangers, confidence left me years ago.  I might just feel confident again to meet someone if I know I can actually show my teeth when I smile.  


What I want to do with the donations is rent a 3 bedroom home with a garden, paid in advance for a year, and start small businesses we can run from home.  

My daughter has Code 10 drivers license and her dream is to start a taxi service for ladies only, so they feel safe when booking a ride.  I would like to buy her a vehicle, help her get a PDP and start her taxi business. 

I want to help my son to send him for a course to do learners license (where they can help him learn) as he has learning disability and for him to have a drivers license. 

Neo is very artistic, I want to send him on a photography course and buy his equipment, so he can do what he loves, and maybe earn his keep that way. 

We have not shopped for clothes in many many years, and even hand me downs do not fit my children anymore, I want to take them to buy some clothes.  

I have ideas that I can do from home, one which is starting a T-shirt clothing line, with which I will bring awareness to mental illness, some quotes, and images. I want to purchase the equipment for t-shirt printing. 

I also want to start seedling trays and grow vegetables, fruits etc organic, which I can sell, I want to make my own scented candle range, and crystal jewelry to sell at flea markets.  

Basically I want to use the funds to build a secure life for us and put a roof over our heads.  Healing from all the heart ache we suffered. If the funds EXCEED what I have asked for, I would love to buy a small house so we never have to endure the fear of being separated and homeless ever again. 

Please share our story.  



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