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Help Neil and his Family Campaign

We are desperately asking for help.

My brother Neil du Toit recently had a very bad accident, which unfortunately will now affect his ability to work and provide for his family.

Their little family moved to Mosselbay in the beginning of 2021, and from there my brother tried to start his own home/building maintenance business. Unfortunately times are tough and business is scarce, but he tries to provide as best he can. 

My sister-in-law luckily found a good job within a few months, but anyone who knows the Mosselbay area knows that the salaries are not the highest here. They live month to month, barely making it through trying to provide for their own, but things are extremely difficult. 

On the 1st of September my brother had an accident where he fell from a 2nd story roof where he was working. Luckily he had the sense to turn his body to avoid falling on his head or back, but unfortunately this meant he went down feet first... he shattered both his ankles and has now been in the hospital for quite some time, waiting for the operations to help him. On the day of the accident he was taken to the Mosselbay States Hospital (due to the fact that they can not afford a medical aid) where he was told he would need to be operated on in George once the swelling went down. The following Monday (the 4th) he was sent home to wait for a spot to open for him at George Hospital, where he was admitted on the 7th. After meeting with the surgeons they felt that due to the severity of his injuries he would need to be transferred to the State Hospital in Cape Town, Groote Schuur, on the 10th where he would be operated on by a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon (Which is very difficult on his wife and kids, they are not used to Daddy being away from them) So far they have only operated on the one leg, waiting for the other leg to be done withing the next day or 2. The recovery period for this type of injury we were now told will be about 3 months, and after this extensive therapy will be needed for him to be able to operate at a semi-normal rate again. This unfortunately also means that he will never be able to do all the normal things that he used to do, and providing for the family will be that much harder. 

School fees, rent, groceries, toiletries, basic human needs... all thing that can not be covered by their current income

We, as their family, are asking anyone willing to help to please find it in their hearts to donate. Any little bit will be a piece of a small miracle that they so desperately need


Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

Donations to date

R 13 170.85

Donor Messages

Hope everyone is well. Sending my wishes.
You know redbull doesn’t really give you wings Hope you get back in your re feed soon cuz
Wish you and your Family all the best ❤️‍🩹
Maliks from Germany
A little help. We wish you a quick recovery.
Nicolene Grobler
Praying that all will end well ...speedy recovery

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