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Coastal Horse Care Unit

The Coastal Horse Care Unit (CHCU) is a Section 21 company, independently directed and operated from any existing establishments. We are a new unit with a recently established Board of Directors.

CHCU is committed to the welfare of all horses and donkeys from all disciplines of equine involvement. CHCU is based on a farm in the Cato Ridge area. The farm was very generously donated and is THE MOST PERFECT PLACE.

The farm is a Rescue, Rehabilitation and rehoming centre for horses who are abused or neglected. We hope to develop the rescue centre to become sustainable, by having regular fundraising events and opening the farm to the public by offering an interactive and educational animal farm with a small tea garden and playground area for children. We currently hold the annual Horse and Hound Extravaganza with the hope of hosting more events to cater for people looking for things to do. When you see how lucky we have been with the property you will agree with the potential we have available. Our possibilities are endless and it’s all in aid of raising awareness and much needed funds for the unit.

Mission Statement:

  • To protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering by rehabilitating, campaigning and educating.
  • A world where horses are used but not abused

Our focus:

  • Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre incorporating a Donkey Sanctuary
  • Addressing Equine Welfare from a neutral stance, incorporating all disciplines i.e. Horse Racing, Polo, Show-jumping, etc.
  • Creating an environment of transparency by opening up a visitors’ and educational centre
  • Opening of an on-site and in-field educational program for the education and upliftment of people involved with horses, incorporating rural and working horses
  • To promote the partnership between horses and humans
  • Education achieves Horse Welfare Solutions
  • We judge by results, both short and long term. We are not dogmatic. We accept that different situations need different approaches, and will adapt to circumstances.
  • The Staff at Coastal Horse Care Unit have a love and knowledge of equines, this fuels our passion.
  • We wish to incorporate input from all disciplines of Equines thus creating a neutral, non-biased environment to assist with Equine Welfare.

Rural clinics and Empowerment Program The organisation goes into the surrounding rural areas and educates owners on the care of their horses and donkeys.  These communities rely heavily on their horses for their transport and livelihood. The program offered by our organisation not only teaches them the basics of horse care but provides them with the tools to gain better productivity from the animals in a conducive environment which is both horse and owner friendly.

One of our main objectives is to empower rural communities through education. We currently have a program where rural people are trained in farriery and saddlery which is a skills development project. The qualification received after completion of this course will provide the graduates with an opportunity to gain meaningful employment and educate other community members in proper horse care. This leads to a sustainable effect with regards to the welfare of these animals.

This is where your donated tack and supplies will help as it will be given to them as replacements. Donations of veterinary supplies are also be used both at the centre and on clinics.

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