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Our primary goal at Cheetah Outreach is to promote the survival of the free-ranging, South African, cheetah. From an estimated 100,000 cheetahs at the turn of the 20th century, the population is currently estimated to be 7,100. Shrinking habitat, dwindling of natural prey, and conflict with human activities are the primary causes of this critical situation.

There are about 1,326 cheetahs in South Africa of which approximately 500 free-ranging cheetah live on unprotected farmlands in the northern part of the country.  This population is the focus of our work.

We understand the complexity and issues involving cheetah conservation in these areas.  We are proud of our continuing efforts over the past 20 years to protect the South African cheetah.  Working with the communities in these areas we have developed initiatives that reduce the human-wildlife conflict. In addition, we have a well regarded educational program for learners in the Cape Town area, public awareness at our facilities,  and research projects. 


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R 228 755.42

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R 250 000.00

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For the animals
Please stroke Chiara for me!
Margot Lubbers
Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Lewis Handley
Thank you for all you do
Thank you
Zoe Hallam
Thank you
Evren Tortum
Adaption for Mara & Meru. Thanks.
Marianne Eilsøe
Thank you for all you're doing to save the cheetah. I worked as a volunteer in 2005 and this project is amazing. Thank you.

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